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About us

As business grows increasingly global and complex, HR professionals must play an active role in setting company strategies and ensuring their effective execution. Creating and managing a seamless stream of talent is critical to developing a diverse, global, and effectual workforce. Your business needs an HR recruiter who understands your goals and can provide the knowledge, processes, and human resources talent you need to drive your organization forward.

Skyscope provides domestic and international human resource consultancy and hiring services in a professionally organized manner. Skyscope also takes care of any compliances and audits needed by an organization with respect to the Human resource department of any organization

Skyscope provides the following services nationally or internationally:

  • Third Party Outsourcing
  • Payroll Services
  • Recruitment Services & HR Consultancy
  • Project based hiring
  • Compliances & Audit
  • International staffing
  • Logistics & Supply chain management